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Strength and Protection

Strength and Protection

Handmade personalised or plain crystal bracelet. Perfect for Father’s Day.

Tiger's Eye, a stone of golden wisdom, promotes harmony, balance, and clear decision-making, while Black Onyx, a potent protector, absorbs and transforms negative energy, offering emotional and physical strength during stressful times.

Select your design choice - please write this in the personalization box. Also state if you would like black lettering on white beads or white lettering on black beads.

Write the word or letter you would like for the personalization.

Design A - word or initial, tiger eye beads

Design B - word or initial with gold plated beads - mix of tiger eye and black onyx (half/half pattern)

Design C - half black onyx, half tiger eye

Design D- tiger eye only

Design E - black onyx only (not pictured)


- elastic

- natural black onyx and/or tiger eye crystal beads (approx 6mm)

- 3mm 14ct gold plated beads

- acrylic letter beads

Select your packaging. Comes in a beautiful drawstring pouch, you can upgrade to a black and white gift box with bag (pull-out luxury box not available with this product)

*due to its small parts-this is not suitable for babies or very young children

  • Sizing

    The bracelet is handmade to your size requirements. Please select the correct size from the drop down menu. Please measure your wrist touching the skin, select this size, the bracelet will then be made slightly larger to accommodate the width of the beads. If you have any questions about sizing, please contact us.

  • Product Care

    Clean regularly with a soft cloth.

    Avoid harsh chemicals.

    Store separately in a soft pouch or box.

    Remove before swimming or exercising.

    Handle delicately to prevent damage.

    Check for damage or loose stones periodically.

    For elasticated items, roll over the hand rather than pull.

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